Leroy Almeida

I'm a product designer based in Manila, Philippines.

I currently lead the design team at Kumu ↗, a Filipino-made live-streaming app.

I'm also on ADPList ↗ where I mentor designers working at companies like ING, UBX, Summit Media, NextPay, Paymongo, 360Pixels, LawAdvisor Ventures, and First Circle.

Prior to Kumu, I was at ING ↗ building a digital bank that provided unbanked Filipinos access to financial services.

Before that, I was at Accenture increasing online revenue for Philippine Airlines ↗, improving knowledgebase experiences for Globe ↗, and solving problems for Saudi and Singaporean governments.

My design career began as part of the early design team at Kalibrr ↗ where we helped thousands of Filipinos find new jobs and start new careers.