Leroy Almeida

Product designer

I’m a designer with 7+ years of experience bringing products to millions of people. I'm a generalist and I like to step outside my role to collaborate on product management, research, and content strategy.

I currently lead the design team at Kumu ↗, a Filipino-made live-streaming platform for Filipinos around the world.

Kumu's App Navigation

Led the redesign of Kumu's mobile app navigation, resulting to increased usage of key features, like Missions (3000%), Wallet (+470%), Notifications (+88%), and Profile (+84%).

Chatbot surfaces FAQs that are relevant to the customer's inquiry. A feedback mechanism is present in case the surfaced FAQ isn't helpful and the customer requires further assistance.
ING Help Center

Redesigned ING's digital bank support experience leading to improvements in the user experience, specifically, customer waiting time (-23%) and average handling time (-15%)

Philippine Airlines
Philippine Airlines’ Website

Led the redesign of Philippine Airlines' website, focusing on content discovery and accessibility, leading to an increase in web users (80%), web sessions (93%), and direct search conversions (205%)